This story has been updated to reflect the most recent information.

Cocaine wasn’t the only thing hidden on the plane that landed at Ohio University’s airport.

Barry the Bee paraphernalia was found hidden among almost 300 pounds of cocaine found in a plane that landed at Gordon K. Bush Airport in Albany on Wednesday.

Barry the Bee can be seen chilling in his signature position in a photo on Twitter.  @condormorris Oh my fuck, they were smuggling Bee Movie soundtracks. — crisco disco (@dressghost) March 31, 2017 According to the tweet, the person believes it to be the soundtrack from Bee Movie. The pilots must have needed some cruise-control music while they were soaring through the clouds. A Homeland Security investigation revealed two Canadian men illegally attempted to transport cocaine on the plane and are facing federal drug charges, according to a previous Post report. The Department of Homeland Security was unable to confirm any additional details about what was seized from the plane. Jerry Seinfeld’s publicist declined to comment.