Before Delores Shelbourne passed away, she and her husband of 66 years passed their time making blankets for local charities. Now, her husband is continuing their work even after her death.

Eighty-eight year-old Clayton Shelbourne — who admits he was “never the seamstress” in the operation — has picked up the scissors and thread to keep the blankets coming.

“I just felt there was a need,” Mr Shelburne told local station CBS 4. CBSNews) April 8, 2017

While the Zionsville, Indiana couple used to make blankets for a camping club, Mr Shelburne has turned his efforts to the local police. He recalls being moved by  story about a father who had to leave his young son on the side of the highway while he walked to get help with a breakdown.

So far, Mr Shelburne has donated more than three dozen blankets — enough to outfit every car in the  Zionsville Police Department and the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. Police say they will use them in cold-weather car crashes.

“That blanket will come in real handy when you wrap it around somebody in need,” Sgt. Adrian Martin of the Zionsville Police Department told CBS 4.

Now that he’s covered the police and sheriff’s department, Mr Shelburne is moving on to his local children’s hospital. Hossain Marandi, the president of nearby Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, told The Independent the hospital is grateful for the donation.

“This donation is perfect for all ages and provides comfort to many of our patients when they are getting ready for a serious procedure or surgery,” he said. “The fun fabrics and soft material can also make the hospital seem less scary for  some of the younger children.”

Mr Shelburne, meanwhile, says he will keep working as long as there is money for materials. Friends, family, and fans of his work often donate to the cause.

“My time is nothing,” said Shelburne. “I’m 88-years-old, I can do this when it’s raining outside and I enjoy doing it. I’m sure if my wife was here she would be happy I’m doing this too.”